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In my twenty+ years experience, I have worked with consultants, private developers, non-profit organizations, municipalities, county agencies, state bureaus and various arms of the federal government.  Below are some comments about my work.

“KARLA - just a quick note to say thanks for you and your team's effort.  We had a vision that was expressed in concept only as far as a site design that would keep this a special place and respect the setting and tradition of the land.  You and your team's site design made that vision a reality.” 

  -- Ken Gall, Director Real Estate, The Hershey Trust Company

"KARLA - Your park plan is bold and visionary with well-thought out elements to make a significant if not iconic statement. But what is especially elegant is that the proposed changes are not design for design sake, but have very strategic goals in terms of making the connection between the National Mall and the SW Waterfront. The space has been begging for such an approach."

 -- Ellen McCarthy, former Director of Washington D.C. Office of Planning

“KARLA - Happy New Year! . . . I look forward to continued progress on the BBT and working with you this year.  You've been a wonderful partner (and super-sub) on this project.”

  -- Andrew Strauss, AICP, Principal, Strauss Associates/Planners


“KARLA, Thanks for your continued professional efforts and support for our River Park Project.  We were very pleased with your presentation at our meeting last night and are eagerly awaiting actual "ground breaking" as we go forward.”

  -- Charles Hershey, Secretary, Columbia Riverpark Focus Group

“KARLA, Thanks so much for a great presentation, and for arranging the DEP meeting and getting the kind of results we were looking for.”

  -- Tim Herd, Executive Director, Stroud Region Open Space

                      and Recreation Commission 


“Makes my Friday afternoon just about perfect...after a long week.   And 'thank you' to you for this great result! 

  -- Gwen Loose, CPRP, Executive Director, York County Rail Trail Authority

“KARLA –  I know people don’t come right and say things like this, but WELL DONE! I know there was a reason why I encouraged the Stroud Region to go with you and your firm.  The project is just as it was envisioned, and it’s great!  I was glad to have an opportunity to work with you. “

  -- Chuck Reid, former Executive Director, Stroud Region Open Space and Recreation   Commission

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